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The Gordon Property Group has been a full service property management company since 2011. We have years of experience performing the detailed daily tasks that it takes to successfully manage properties.  We realize that investment properties take constant upkeep and diligent supervision, which is why we have the dedicated staff available to meet all of your  needs and concerns.  We are open six days a week and are on call at all other times.
We provide a hassle free option for care and management of your investment property.

Our first goal when we acquire a property is to maintain the current renters and/or advertise to seek out new qualified renters. We understand that the longer an unit is empty, the more costly it becomes for the owner.   Our average placement of new tenants are within 45 days.  We provide services across the board including but not limited to applications, background, eviction, and sex offender check, along with  verification of income.  We use many advertising sites and have a steady stream of interested renters.


The maintenance team at The Gordon Property Group are comprised of licensed contractors and handymen with  a long history in construction and most other skilled trades.  We also have a turnover staff to help with minor required tasks such as and not limited to carpet cleaning and replacing, painting, cleaning etc.  We have a very good relationship with our subcontractors, which in turn will cut down costs and provide you with more profits.

Accounting and Software


 We currently use an on-line accounting software program that allows us to collect and track rents, input invoices with expenses and receipts, and store all tenant information among many other amenities.  All owners are given access via a portal to stay informed.

At the end of every month we provide the owner with a 30-day report. This includes a comprehensive summary of the months’ activities including rents collected, and bills paid. We also provide a year-end statement that includes all necessary information for a proper filing of taxes.


 We also handle all aspects of eviction procedures.  It is not the fun part of the job, but the harsh reality deems it  necassary. On the 6th day of the month, we issue out a non payment letter and will file eviction with the courts by the 10th of the month. If the lack of payments continue we follow all legal steps to seek a full eviction with a judgement for the all money owed.  

Other Services


Need help finding a renter for your property? Don't have the time or resources to do the work it takes to move someone in?  The Gordon Property Group offers Tenant Placement Services.  Once provided with the owner's agreement, we will utilize our resources and get the unit rented for a small one time fee.  We list the property on our website,  and all of our other sources of advertising.  We will do a proper background, eviction, and sex offender check and verify all income is to the standards of the owner. Once we believes the renter is qualified, and the owner approves, we will set up the new tenants with the lease and all keys.


The Gordon Property Group charges the following fees for management services.

Management Fee: $85 or 8% per month. (which ever is the lessor value)  We also give discounts for owners that place 3 or more properties with us.

Tenant Placement Fee:  One month's rent.  If a tenant is evicted within 6 months of placement, we will place another tenant free of charge.  (this only applies if owner chooses to use management services as well.)

Maintenace Plan:  10% of maintenance charge.  We will oversee your repairs from start to finish.  This includes letting service men into the home and overseeing the repair.